I have mentioned using Camera+’s Clarity filter on iPhone photos before. It’s a great way to get the dark areas to lighten and the overall picture sharper. The Clarity filter is just one small touch in a group of lighting enhancements and then another full group of iPhone photo filters. Even with all those features getting used all the time, a couple basics get passed by since they are a layer down and get forgotten.

The next time you are going to take a picture with your iPhone, consider using Camera+ as the actual shutter action. The app has several enhancements to the process of taking a image that can be used to get the image closer to what you want from the start.

An area that I forget about is the ‘Borders’. Interesting that I use them in other apps but forget to remove the extra step and apply them right in Camera+ when I’m tuning the image.

When a Camera+ Border is chosen, you may miss it but there is a new button for “Captions”. A tap of the button will allow you enter a bit of text onto your image.

Adding a caption with Camera+ is only the start. You can also date and time stamp the photo with the provided buttons. Making the feature handy for work and memory books.


Now a picture can be worth a thousand words plus a few you added –