A rethink on location based tasks on the iPhone

There is location based tasks built into the iOS Reminder app. I have met with a few challenges using it. Everything is in one list, things happen only at time or arrival or leaving a location and location pinning could be easier.

A new app in the location based Task Manager group is Checkmark. Right off upon launching the app, you will see that tasks can be decided into groups by type of task. The groups are accessed through buttons rather than lists within lists that can be fun to get through when trying to understand tasks that are personal vs work based.

Tasks created in Checkmark are set to a particular location that is important to that task. The addresses are much easier to add than other location based task managers. Checkmark lets you choose the current location, choose from a contact or even pin directly from the iPhone’s map.

Not only will Checkmark let you choose if the task alert happens when arriving or departing a location, there can be a delay set too. So, you arrive at the office, check in, check email, get your coffee, and then your task pops up saying you need to make a call. Other apps alert you when you first arrive and then you have to remember the task to do after you settle in for the day. Leaving the house, have the alert about a task a few minutes down the road, when your closer to available options.