Wow… that is one white piece of paper on the screen. It has a title, project name, who is involved, what needs to be delivered, and then a lot of white. At this point, the idea was either in your head before you sat down or you are now in a place to get creative… and start typing.

Some folks sit and stare at the screen, some will go for a walk, others will wander about the office looking for anything to kickstart the idea creating part of the brain. If non of those are working for you, it might be time to download the free Oflow app for your iPhone.

The app is actually a different view of the content of a book called Think Unstuck. The book version is a couple bucks in eBook format if you prefer having a ‘book’ to read. The Oflow app has the same content, but instead of being a long list, the information is given to you randomly.

The information? It is over 100 ideas to help you get creative. Each text bit Oflow provides is a method you can try to get the creative parts of the braining being more productive. Then, when in that mode, shift over to your project thinking. Oflow has enough content to use over and over again… just launch the app to gain access to the list of Methods, items you have marked as Favorites and any notes that you have attached to individual Creative Flow Methods.

Unlike the book, the Oflow iPhone app provides the creative idea methods to you randomly via the upper right button. If you want to just read through the list, you’ll want to grab the eBook. In the app, use the buttons across the bottom of the screen to Star an item as a Favorite, Attach a Note, or have the text inserted into an email.