I was going to do a post next week about ‘winterizing’ my iPhone 4s like I did last year, a bit of a reminder for all. Then I received a notice from Griffin that they had iPhone specials for Black Friday so I thought I would get this out in case any of the items I mentioned are on sale.

First, encasing the iPhone4/4s. I’m still waiting on two new iPhone cases that are claiming to be ‘super’ protection for the devices, when they show I will review. For now though, it’s back to the Griffin Survivor that saved me several times last year. I did a full review before, outlining a indoor stairs toss, er… test, I did (When you drop your iPhone4, more bounces is a good thing). Beyond that test, the Survivor case saved my iPhone from two falls when getting out of the car and a grocery store hop when I was surprised by a large crowd going for the same item I was.



The deal from Griffin (I tried the link now and it says it won’t be active till Friday):Save up to 80% on essentials for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch at GriffinTechnology.com. Shop Now!

New for me is the aGlove. These gloves are pretty thin but still doing a good job of keeping the hands warm. Being washable was a nice treat. Most important is that the aGlove does as they claim, you really can leave the gloves on and the iPhone in the Survivor case and still use the finger navigation.