Friends and family join their pictures together, finally done right for the iPhone

While there are many social ways of sharing our iPhone photos, they are just ours. When we go to a family event or concert, why do we have to put our pictures separately? there are some fun Geo apps but they don’t support everyone at an event joining their pictures with other people. Most often, the answer is to post your pictures to Twitter and hashtag them so people can search to find… but there isn’t a single view of all of the pictures.

OK… that is the problem, and until today there wasn’t have a real solution. Today, as I head out to a family get together and then a parade to be enjoyed by thousands, Jarvus is here to save the day!

I didn’t see the TV interviews the app mentions, but a quick search showed the app is getting some press. Inside of Jarvus, you create an ‘event’ and start adding pictures to it.

Find friends from a variety of options and let them view your event photos. Those same ‘new’ friends can be allowed to add their snap shots to your Jarvus events too! Now, you can have everyone’s perspective in a single spot! I’ll follow up after this holiday weekend to let you know how it worked out for the many events photo grouping… it will be fun to see what I didn’t see from where I was standing without having to search all over the net.