Using free apps on the iPhone for finding the best prices

Your getting hit with a ton of Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads. All claiming the lowest prices anywhere. Either they are pretty low or they are a limited quantity of silly low prices. If your not going to be in line at 3 am, but want to make sure your getting an actual good discount, here are a few free options for the iPhone to help you.

There are many sites that offer information for the best pricing. Rather than spending your whole time looking at your iPhone Browser, there are quick apps that connect to those services for you and just pull back what you need. Time is important when your looking at a shelf the latest hot item and everyone around you think they found the deal of the century.

First, aim your Twitter account to watch Twitter’s own Earlybird Offers.

Now, set up the free GroupOn app on your iPhone. I recommend you do this early on so you know if your city is covered. They don’t have all of the US covered but all of the major cities and some of those coupons will be honored in ‘other’ towns. This app will allow you to see if someone else has a ‘coupon’ price for less than what your looking at. No coupon clipping needed, the discount bar code shows on the screen of your iPhone.

To wrap up, the heavy hitter of the three free apps. Red Laser lets you take a picture of the bar code on the item you looking at, then tell you where the best price is. The list that Red Laser brings back is pretty nice, and very quick. You have the info you need for making the buying decision if you buy now or walk for a better deal elsewhere. One item that bit me not too long ago was passing on a deal in front of me for one on the screen but the other option was out of stock by the time I got there.