Yes, I know… Google Maps comes on the iPhone and it is free. But, you have a pretty good option if you want to explore those option.

Of course, AOL and their MapQuest Mobile did a few things different than Google did their their Map app. So, whether you try and stick with MapQuest will be because it has features more important to your liking.

The basic map is flat, unlike the 3D view of the new hot navigation options. But, it has a lot of information at your fingertips without leaving the map view. Along the bottom you can choose one or many of the buttons to show spots on the map.

The bar with the location buttons can be collapsed and re-shown without leaving the single map screen. Zooming in and out is done with two finger pinch/expand. Always showing the buttons for Maps, Directions, My Places (saved addresses) and Settings.

Downtown there is a lot more pins of spots to see. The ‘+’ takes you to more information on that location.

Traffic color coded roads where information is available. I like to look ahead to see if I’m green ahead or how far the ‘red’ traffic jams goes. You can see you get a pop up showing how far you are from the location your looking at.

MapQuest Mobile presents directions as expected. Either get you to a location from where you are now or a map between two points.

The list of features new to this version… too many to try to mention so here is what AOL has to say:
• *NEW* Spoken Street Names keeps concentration on the task at hand while providing the most critical information needed in an easy-to-understand medium: the street name where to turn- spoken in a friendly voice (e.g. ‘turn right on Colfax’).
• *NEW* MapQuest 4 Mobile organizes the myriad of purposes afforded by fast application switching and background GPS (via iOS 4) by continuing Voice Guidance & Spoken Street Names whether on a call, listening to iPod, or saving battery with the application hidden.
• *NEW* Auto Re-Route eases the stress of a missed turn, by automatically recalculating the way to the destination. No interaction with the device is necessary.
• Auto-Advance Feature improves “Find Me” by using iPhone® GPS to automatically locate you within your driving directions, recognize when you have taken a turn, and prepare you with the next maneuver – all without having to touch the screen.
• Energy savings mode allows you to set the power consumption level for MapQuest® 4 Mobile – NOW with a medium setting for continued voice guidance when the screen dims!
• Walking directions (pedestrian mode)
• Highly usable driving directions featuring an oversized display as well as landscape mode orientation.
• Save Maps and Routes on and retrieve on your iPhone®.
• MapQuest® place carousel allows you to easily display locations for hotels, movie theaters, gas stations, and more with a single tap.
• Negotiate difficult turns/sets of turns with orientation arrows when viewing directions in map mode.
• Free-form search for businesses and places.
• Make your own my position icon representing You on the map. Use the built in camera or choose from a variety of existing icons.