A one time $3 and 15 minutes a day is all it takes!
What plagues us most everyday, is remembering the small stuff later. The small stuff gets overwhelmed by the ‘big’ issues that fill up our time. Pushing down the little items that we need to know to be effective.
This is true with both work and our daily mental health. The problem with tracking the small details is they happen quickly and are lost as fast as they came. Most often, if your fast enough, these bits are jotted down on a sticky or a 3 x 5 card. Soon to be shuffled off your desk onto a pile that you then forget about or keep searching through for one item you ‘remember there was something talked about’.
Since my iPhone goes everywhere with me, I have been searching for a better way to gather tiny bits of information quickly and move on. Later being able to access the information with a few facts like date associated with it. I tried to do this with a large variety of Notes apps. with varying results.
Enter, Momento.

A small app that is far reaching. I use it daily two ways:

Throughout my day, there are many ‘good’ things that happen. When you start to look around you, there are amazing sites and situations that get missed in the hustle bustle of life. Momento launches quickly enough that you can make note of those times as a quick entry on the calendar. You don’t have to wait for times of despair, just take a moment of your day later to look back at the wonders of good fortune you have had. You can use the app’s search to find a particular one, or tap about to be surprised at what you saw and forgot.

For work, every time there is a quick decision made by someone, Momento gets an entry. I’m not talking about always something bad, there are every day things that happen to a project that are soon forgotten why they are that way. Then, months later, when asked on a call you can search for the subject, date or tag and have an answer. There is nothing worse for your work health than not being able to speak to how decisions where made or the silence on the call as you hunt through your stack of stickies.

For Momento, the iPhone and iPod Touch app carries many more features. I have just mentioned how I use it. You may find other features like it’s ability to pull and push through social networks – handy if you want to share those quick notes. I mentioned tagging a note, you can also do that to phone numbers, as well add a photo of that happy snap shot in time to help you remember it later.