Reuters has released an update to their News application. It isn’t like the many other new ‘Readers’ which we have covered here. Where you choose a stream of news from a Web site’s RSS feed. Reuters is a news agency so they have their own views on news.

The first thing you notice is a rethink of the UI. It has made a huge impact on being able to use the app to get to the latest news quickly.  Then you only have to choose how you want to see the news. The first is a list of categories as you would expect, tap one and the top headlines with a brief description expands.

If you associate your news with images then the next two options are for you. Selecting ‘Pictures’ takes you to a page that is a scrollable group of images, choosing one takes you to the story. Video is listed like the News, giving you a jump straight to news videos/audio. Both worked with the expected speed on 3G and WiFi.

The last two options are important ‘news’ for the well informed: Markets and Stocks. With the economy coming around now, we’re sure these last two will start be used more for ‘better’ news.

For us, a very important addition was the ability to Twitter articles so our friends can see what we thought was ‘important’. You are able to edit the text prior to posting, but there is no URL shortening so your personalized additions have to be few.

We did mention, all of this is for Free, right?!! With these updates, it’s a natural for a iPhone user wanting to stay ‘well informed’.