One of the strengths of the iPhone is it’s Web browser. Not just a smaller version of the desktop counterpart. Mobile Safari allows you to pinch, stretch and double tap on pages to make the size adjust for your ease of viewing.

If your are like us, you have a handful of sites you go to on a regular basis to view the content. With the built in Mobile Safari, you still have to sift through adds and other bits. Some sites (like ours) has a special version that shows when you visit via the iPhone browser so you can get to our content directly.

A popular system for many years now is becoming more popular with the increased user base of ‘Smartphones’. The technology is called RSS. If a Web site offers this, you subscribe to the site’s RSS address to get a automat feed to you of either a short version of their articles or just the text of new articles.

RSS ‘readers’ are popular for desktop computers. They reach out for you and grab the RSS content from the sites you visit often so you don’t have to. Google has a popular reader that allows you to pull content from site, highlight what you liked best for later reading, remove what you don’t want to read and most important – read the text when it’s convinient for you whether your online or not (you have to be online sometime to get the content fed to the reader).

Now, that technology is available for your iPhone and Touch through a variety of ‘reader’ applications.