Phone4/4s wireless security tether, battery and case in one – 20% off!

Kensington just sent an email explaining their 2012 CES Design and Engineer Showcase Honor product BungeeAir. It’s a battery case for the iPhone 4/4s, adding 4 hours of talk time to your iPhone… and it comes with a keychain fob.

A fob? The picture in the email got me to click, why do I need a fob on my keychain? It’s a tethered security system linked to the iPhone case! Per Kensington:

Just attach the BungeeAir fob to your keys or purse and never lose or forget your iPhone again. When you and your phone are separated, the iPhone screen locks automatically and sends an alert to the BungeeAir fob. A convenient app lets you customize security settings and also find your misplaced keys and fob.

The battery/security case also has a flap on the back to open and use as a stand for watching movies on your iPhone in landscape view. Not sure I would have asked for all those things on my own, but now it sure seems cool. As an incentive, Save 20% on the Kensington BungeeAir! Discount offer expires 1/24/12

Here is a link to view the full spec sheet for the BungeeAirâ„¢ Power Wireless Security Tetherâ„¢.
Don’t forget the 20% discount on the Kensington BungeeAir expires 1/24/12