Framing your iPhone to become a quality desk or nightstand clock – C/Dock

I jumped onboard with the C/Dock when it was a Kickstarter project. A desktop iPhone4/4s ‘clock’ that came in Walnut wood, brushed aluminum or resin faces. I went with the Walnut. When it showed up, the folks in Oregon delivered as promised, a very nice looking and study iPhone holder that would look great at work or at home.

In the box is the c/dock ‘frame’ which has an integrated USB to iPhone cable and a charging power cube.

The iPhone slips in the end, there is no other holes which means when the iPhone is in the dock you have access to the front ‘Home’ button only. Thinner fingered people might be able to just reach the top ‘sleep’ button. The speaker slots on the front of the dock are not real, just for visual ‘old radio’ effect.

Getting the iPhone back out of the c/dock means pushing on the screen and to the right. Perhaps the c/dock should have come with a screen cleaning cloth.

I am able to run any clock app I want, so that means my Nixie clock at work or maybe the weather… at home a nice digital alarm clock app.

The lack of a hole big enough to get to the ‘sleep’ button on the top of the iPhone and the need to push the iPhone out via pressure on the screen would normally be a minor inconvenience (easy to fix on version two of the c/dock). My actual major issue is that I can’t get my iPhone to plug into the connector inside of the c/dock. I tried applying pressure on the iPhone to force it up/down/front/back with no luck. It can be an issue with anything truly handmade… although I would have expected the ‘factory’ to have tested prior to shipping. Be prepared if you buy one and give it as a gift that they may not have instant gratification if they have to return for another unit.