Netflix streaming movies to my iPhone today!

If you saw the last Apple Keynote, it was let out that we would be getting Netflix movie streaming on our iPhones ‘soon’. The app has been a hit on the iPad since the day it was released. Watching movies and TV shows… just about anytime and anywhere, over WiFi of course. Talking with others, it seems that documentaries have gotten a huge increase of viewers when you can choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch via your mobile device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch).

Today, time at work as we know it just ended! Well, maybe the ride to the office and at break time.

If you have a regular Netflix account, shows come to you as simple as installing the app and logging in. It is a ‘free’ universal app so grab and go. Netflix opens to show your regular home page list of show groups and links to movies you are in progress with. Genres, Search and Instant Que is available through the buttons at the bottom.

Choose a group to see a list of names and show thumbnails, swipe to scroll and load more… and more and more…

Tapping a show results in the description. You can add to your list of shows to watch later or ‘play’ to nave Netflix start the show now. Notice that if the ‘show’ is a series, you can choose which episode you want to watch instead of having to watch one stream of shows end-to-end.

Shows are streamed in Landscape view – switch between letterbox and full screen anytime while playing. As well, the usual progress bar and volume/play controls are available.

Start a Netflix movie on your iPhone while on the go, watch later on the iPad where you left off. Or on your notebook/desktop… progress in sync across the many different devices.

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