The free Fotopedia Heritage app gives you direct access to their 890 sites containing over 20,000 images. There is no need to search around for a location and then through a ton of average pictures to find one that is of someplace fun and interesting. Then, try to find out more info on that location.

Heritage gives you a quick way to find increadable images from all around the world. You can drill in for more information and share that information out to your friends. You can also quickly find additional images from that location. As if that isn’t enough, you can choose the world globe to see a pinned map taking you right to the place in the world for that particular image.

Selecting the ‘i’ will give you more data on the area the picture is from. Swipe up and down for information from a variety of sources.

Full screen images are available by rotating the iPhone to landscape view.

Select the area next to the country for more images in the area…

Nice picture, but where is that? Tap the globe and you get a map and more info. Notice the other pins for additional images from the area.