I mentioned how much I hate apps that call themselves ‘scanner’ apps for the iPhone. That said, I keep finding myself using the app JotNot Scanner. Which, as you know, isn’t a scanner it’s a image modifier. What it does really well is automatically cleaning up images of text and documents.

New today is the addition of being able to share the document images out via DropBox.

As a reminder – you snap an image of a article or document. The app has the option to not take the picture till you stop moving. You choose to take another picture or use the one you just took.

Adjustments can be made via the settings area to fine tune how different types of document images are cleaned up.

JotNot will attempt to align it’s clean up feature with the corners of the content. It actually does a pretty good job at getting it right. You can drag any corner around to align if the app is off a bit.

The image in the edit mode can be twisted and resized as needed. Sharing the document image is quick to do from the picker –

Sending the image via email can be done in a variety of formats. While the resulting document being shared isn’t at the level of a scanned printed contract, it is nice enough to read and share with others that will be interested in the information. All via your iPhone and in less than a minute.