As we buzzed down the highway last week, we thought of a couple restaurants we might want to hit after the long day at the office. There are many apps to choose from to assist in finding the one we thought of but was forgetting the name. The apps can show us other people’s favorites, spots people have tag’d every they visited, national publication suggestions, etc… we love having so many options. We ended up using the built in Google Map’s search and it showed us the spots ahead of us on the highway that closely matched. The quick and simple answer was what we needed.

Last week, a app I use a lot everyday was updated. Twittelator Pro has proven to do what I need it to do when I am looking for posts from friends, searching for news and wish to spread my words out to the masses. There are many Twitter apps for the iPhone and a lot of those have been updated since the introduction of the iPad.

Here is a couple screen shots from the ‘old’ version of Twittelator Pro:

and now a couple shots I took of the same posts in Twitter after installing the latest version:

Obviously, it has been updated for OS 4.0 and a bunch of other fine things. Actually, you have to look under the covers to find the updates. The updates are mostly around making it easier to fine tune all the features you may use. The feature list for Twittelator Pro is silly long. I use only a tiny slice of the options, there is something there for any user.

Getting into the settings and doing a bit of tuning, I was reminded that maybe we do not always need a ton new features rather we need to tune our apps to the way they fit into our day. So many features can create a world where we change our usage of an app to match the feature list rather than the other way around. Take a look at the settings of your apps, you might find a way to find more usabilities without adding features.

In the case of Twittelator Pro, I found that along with the normal pre-set group of ‘themes’, you can now customize colors of all of the parts of your twitter friends posts that best match the way you want to see the world.