Mobile to Mobile PayPal Payments – Like The Old Days

Late in 1999, we all heard about PayPal from a much publicized meeting in a restaurant where a investor beamed millions from one Palm to another via PayPal. We all rushed out and grabbed a copy so we could give our friends a dollar. Then it became a great way to collect money from your coworkers to cover their part of a lunch bill. Most everyone knows PayPal today as a way to pay for things online via their shopping carts and their ties (owned by) to eBay.

Recently, great news came out that the PayPal iPhone app has been updated with Bump technology. Bump being the contact exchange system where you and another iPhone owner launch the app and ‘bump’ your iPhone carrying hands together. The app is free so everyone knew it was a tech play to work the bugs out and become a standard others could use. Happy to see PayPal saw the potential!!

While your downloading the app from iTunes, I’m off to ‘bump’ my friends up for the cash they owe me.

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