I’ve been covering a few apps lately that will allow you to print images taken with your iPhone. One that got a lot of press when an actress/singer gave funding to has been low on my priority list. Not that there is anything wrong with the app, it’s actually very nicely done. I just have a tendency to not jump on the bandwagon with news that is just because someone else says it’s ‘cool’.

The app, Postcard On The Run, gives you the ability to create a postcard on your iPhone using images you have on your iPhone or on Facebook, maps to your location and text you edit. Must like you have seen me talk about before. An extra feature is the app has ‘Postal Gopher’ which helps finding addresses to mail to when you have forgotten an address or it’s not current… I have had to lean on it twice today as I put together holiday ‘Thank You’ postcards. The system sends the person a request for an updated address which you can use. Single or multiple recipients can be chosen from your iPhone’s Contact area.

Don’t forget, print postcards are wide so using a image you created for Instagram will either have it’s top/bottom trimmed off or blank areas on the left/right.

As a bonus for the holiday, the developer of Postcard On The Run is offering 30% off… just use the discount code: HOHOHO     … so, create a card on the iPhone of the our happy scene picture I took, adding ‘Thank You, you shouldn’t have!!” text (you can choose text color and font) and Postcard On The Run will print/mail for me for less than a buck (US) a card. Oh yea… and they have the feature of being able to actually ‘sign’ the card with my finger! That all adds up to me adding my name to the folks saying the app is pretty cool. I’ll update on how the cards look when people get them.