iPhone gives you word definitions of print words using the camera, no typing needed

There are many iPhone dictionaries I have used over the last few years. Trying to think of a word or need a definition of a word in a print article is pretty easy with the iPhone. Pop open an app and type the word in. Results are usually pretty quick. The actual longest step is trying to type the word into the iPhone. If I type two handed, the book will close. If I type with one hand to be able to hold the book open, time is taken as I eye what I type and the print word.

Today I was playing with Linxy, a 400,000 offline iPhone (4 and 4s only) dictionary with a visual twist. The app brings Augmented Reality type of technology to answer the need to look up print words. When Linxy is running, your look at a page of text through the iPhone’s camera via the screen. In the middle of the screen is a box and a varying underline graphic. Place the line under a word and a dictionary definition appears on the screen. Notice the ‘pause’ button on the bottom of the screen… since Linxy is constantly looking for words, choose the button when you have the word you need defined to avoid being jumped to another word while reading.

Tapping the Linxy pop up box of text will take you to a online extended Word lookup screen.

Select a short description from the list to be taken to the site that provides the dictionary information. The default included online source is wikipedia.

There is an ‘in-app’ purchase option ($1.99) to unlock all of the additional provider areas. Making the in-app purchase changes the initial Linxy pop up information box to include a mix of definitions from more sources.

Tapping the now longer dictionary text results in the Word Lookup showing description text for each of the options that were blank before. Each can be selected to have Linxy take you online to show that provider’s extended text.