If you like using the Google Shopper part of the Google’s Site options, your going to be happy. Google has gone mobile with the online solution as a iPhone app.

You may remember our past mentions of the Google Goggle capabilities on the Android phones slowly coming to the iPhone. You can take an snapshot of something, the Google system will scan the image and return results what it thinks it might be. In the case of Sudoku puzzles (The iPhone and Google app will sold any Sudoku for you), it will solve them for you. In the case of a sign, it will translate the text to a language of your choice. Most of the Goggle functions are being added to the iPhone Google App (Loving Google Goggles on the iPhone!!).

Now, for Google Shopper, they have introduced a whole new iPhone app. As with any Goggle solution, you snap a picture of a product or bar code and Google tells you what it is. This functionality does require Internet access since Google’s servers do all the work.

Now with the free Shopper app, you can see what you would normally see on the search engines shopper site. More detailed info on the item your looking at and companies that are offering that service or product. Choosing one of the links will take you to that provider to purchase if you wish to. Sharing and Star for later referencing is also supported.