Today, waiting at a street corner on the way to Starbuck, it hit me that You Gotta See This might be a cool app to use for taking pictures of moving things. Thing, like cars and people. My first attempt at people got some nasty looks… so, here is my car expirement.

As you may remember, You Gotta See This is a photo app that senses when your moving your iPhone via the internal hardware and snaps a bunch of pictures after you tell it to start. Normally, you think of a landscape or panorama picture. But, what if you took a ‘picture’ with the app of a moving things. Then, the app places the multiple pictures on a single layout, laying images next to or over each on a backgroung.

So, here is two minutes worth of playing around… it really opened my eyes to having some fun when I see something moving that I want to grab a picture of. Now, I can show movement and the things around it as reference in a single ‘image’.

Knowing that as I move the iPhone, You Gotta See This will snap images – do you move with the car or sweep in the oposite direction of their movement? Below, I took one ‘shot’ of a group of silver cars that were moving from my left to my right and I swept the phone camera from right to left… so, against the traffic. Click on any of these to see the full size image.

Then, I took an image of a red truck going from left to right, with me moving my phone camera left to right, so ‘with’ the movement of the vehicle.

Before you make a decision on which you like better. The following is the same shot using the different backgrounds and image join options within You Gotta See This . Look over the below, as you can see, depending on the direction you move and the image merge option you choose to use causes a completely different effect. Not one option works for every movement photo situation. I have posted the images grouped by type of background and layout – against the traffic then with the traffic in each layout option.

The following images have been resized down to fit the page to save on memory of the post. As mentioned before, you can click on the above for the full view of the image to see the quality.

Yup, You Gotta See This on a iPhone and something moving can result in some fun pics to share!