360 Panorama Updated – Staying on my iPhone now!

Some time back I reviewed several Panorama apps for the iPhone. I take a many images covering a lot of area, which used to mean hand stitching images together on the Mac later. The first solutions for the iPhone where taking individual images that the app made into one. Now, there are several options that use the iPhone internal sensors to see the movement, snap images automatically, then deliver a final single image… no waiting!

360 Panorama didn’t do very well in the review. Today a new version arrived in the iTunes app store and it is a MAJOR update! After six images, the decision to keep the app on my iPhone was no question.

The app can take panorama images in landscape wide or portrait tall, just turn the iPhone. When you have the starting point in frame, tap the ‘Start Capture’ button.

You then move in any direction for the iPhone camera to fill in the area. Being smooth, you can actually go one direction then go back to get an area you may have missed. Too much movement up and down might confuse the camera a bit but general fluid movements will get a full image. Click the ‘Done’ button when your, well… done. If your not happy the direction the image capture is going, start over by tapping the ‘Reset’ button.

When 360 Panorama is done with the image capture, you get an overview of the image, how long it took to take the image and options for style, background and saving.

Rather than a flat 2D image, you can view and save your panorama as a Stereographic by choosing the round circle under the ‘Style’ options.

The background around the image can be white or black to get the impact that matches the image.

Choosing the ‘Save’ button, the image is saved to your built in camera roll of pictures. After the saving step, you can choose to go back to adjust the background view and save again or share out the 360 Panorama image via eMail.

Here is a full resolution output of the app 360 Panorama, click on it to view the full size: