The big difference between Touch and the iPhone is accessibility. For the Touch, you must have access to a wireless (WiFi) network, which means no Internet from your broken down car out in the middle of Deliverance, USA. There are, fortunately, lots of wireless hotspots throughout the country, but most (Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, airports) require payment.

I have found, however, a neat little trick to get two hours of wireless access every day from Starbucks (for your Touch and/or your Mac/PC). Go to a Starbucks and load up a gift card (admittedly, this does work best if you regularly go to Starbucks) for whatever amount you want (I spend more than I want to admit a month there). Then, go online (at home or work, at this point) to and click on the Discover Starbucks Card Rewards image.

Once you’ve done that, click on the option to get up to two hours of AT&T Wi-Fi every day. Follow their instructions to register your card, and so long as you load the card (I am not aware of a minimum required amount) at least once every 30 days, you can use Starbucks’ hotspots for two hours per day, free of charge. Since the cards cost nothing to obtain and load, and since even Deliverance, USA, has three Starbucks, you can make Skype calls (and check your e-mail, friends’ Facebook pages, and tweet on your Twitter apps) from just about anywhere.