QuickOffice – Mobile Create and Share

QuickOffice just updated their QuickOffice, an app for creating and editing documents and spreadsheets on the iPhone. Adding just a few new features has moved this application onto my first screen and getting used every day.

I did a walk through of QuickOffice when it was first released. A couple negatives for me was QuickOffice’s different thoughts about moving away from the auto-text features that if built in the iPhone OS. And, a couple features that would make it a ‘must buy’ for me… well, they added those features.

The first version allowed you to move your documents and spreadsheet on/off your iPhone via your MobileMe account. Moving files around is as simple as browsing on the device to where the file is and then to where you want it to go, done. This update now adds the ability to join your iPhone to your desktop/notebook via the network so you can move files directly as a external HD… and you can now email your documents. Emailing can happen from the iPhone or directly from your MobileMe account without having to download.

OK, I’m honestly excited about the new QuickOffice… typing my notes on my iPhone (a co-worker is doing the same on his Touch), passing them up to online storage on the go. I can now update, remove, and share out to others… particularly great to do on my way to a meeting, containing up to the second info.

Not a problem for my documents and spreadsheets, but I did find a size limit for PDFs. Fine up to 40 megs (read several magazines via PDF)… trying to open a file larger than that stops the program and takes you back to your Home Screen. This might be a limitation of the built in viewer that QuickOffice uses. For larger PDFs, I still use Annotator which doesn’t seem to mind larger PDFs. For now I just break down larger scanned document PDFs created in my previous post via Preview if I want to share via QuickOffice’s features – simple and fast.

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