In an earlier posting, we ran through how you can get access to the Internet for Free at Starbucks via AT&T provided WiFi. You can jump to that that article here.

‘Free’ has come with a price, namely more than a dozen taps on the screen to jump through the hoops… remember? Select AT&T from the WiFi area, launch a web site, enter your phone number (ten taps right there), go to you SMS area… and so on. Once your connected, it is a really fast Internet connection so it’s worth the ‘work.

The folks at Devicescape, developers of Easy WiFi (quick login tool for many WiFi providers, $1.99), have expanded their line with “Easy WiFi for AT&T” (clicking link launches iTunes). This easy to use app allows you to use the Free Starbucks AT&T Internet in TWO TAPS. Tap the icon, and then tap the Login button – your done. They are offering it up for Free in the iTunes App Store. Not sure it will always be free – grab while you can.

TIP: The first time you launch this app, have your WiFi turned off if your near a Starbucks or do it no where near a Starbucks. This is because the app needs to see the Internet and seems to get confused where it is trying it’s set up connection via a non-authorized AT&T connection.


The first time you tap the icon, it will need you to enter your phone number. From then on, anytime your near a Free AT&T WiFi location, choose the app and tap the ‘Login’ button… your on the Internet. Another item we noticed is that if your iPhone sleeps, you will need to return to Easy WiFi and reconnect.