I can’t believe I missed this. Being a huge fan of vinyl skins on all of my Mac devices, I often create unique designs that Unique Skins prints for me. They are inexpensive enough that I can change whenever a new idea hits me. If you haven’t put on a vinyl protect skin on your iPhone, iPad or notebook yet, they go on pretty easily and come off without taking paint or leaving sticky gunk.

The part I can’t believer I missed is a type of vinyl skin called “Gel Skin“. Simply put, instead of just flat, thin vinyl, these have a bit more thickness curving down at the edges. And, like the name implies, they have a gel like feeling so they are slightly squishy. On the back of the normally flat iPhone 4, the Gel Skin adds a bit of a curve to it so it sits nicely in your hand.

The snaps I took of the co-worker’s didn’t turn out very well. I’ll grab a couple pictures and post them up when mine shows up in a couple days. This is an image from Unique Skin’s site. Yes, the basic vinyl order covers both the front and back of your iPhone, and are 50% off right now, no coupon needed (they don’t show when this offer will expire).