As the resolution on the iPhone camera goes up, more and more apps let us tune those photos down to look like those taken with yesteryear cameras. Many of these apps apply the filters at the time of taking the photo with delays… creating a mood around the capturing of the image. You set up the app to mimic a particular camera/film combination then take the picture. Hipstamatic is one very popular app, taking a low resolution looking image to use across the many social photo networks.

An app I started playing with goes the other direction. Lo-Mob gives you the ability to add 39 different vintage camera effects to your iPhone photos. Upon taking a photo or importing through your iPhone Photo Library, you are presented with thumbnail images of the different filters applied to that image. Unlike most of the other ‘classic camera’ apps, not all of the images are square, there are wide and tall layouts too.

If one of the default vintage effects doesn’t match the exact needs of your image. Lo-Mob allows the filtered image to be tuned. The controls are easy to use buttons across the bottom of the image area for coloring, frames and vignetting. Some photo sharing services require a square image so keep that in mind if you are tuning within the tall or wide Lo-Mob layouts.

When the image is as old as you want it to be, sharing can be done directly from Lo-Mob to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and email.

If you enjoy taking images and sharing with others through Lo-Mob, there is a Flickr page and a Lo-Mob iPhone Flickr page.