Fine Tuning iPhone Time Lapse Photography

I mentioned earlier that I have long been playing with the iPhone still photography and now stepping into the video world. Video isn’t actually new to me, being a movie producer, but doing the recording on my own with an iPhone is a new bit of fun for me.

Time Lapse photography, which is really “movies” has been an area I have seen some real opportunity to be creative with. Many ideas and as many software options. I wont go through the list of ‘fails’, instead I’ll stick with the positive experiences.

Customizing the iPhone’s recording settings is important for a successful Time Lapse event. Collecting a day’s worth of clouds has different needs from an hour at the mall or 10 minutes of a person doing a process.

Jump into the Settings area of TimeLapse to set up the recording to match your subject/action. There is a lot of fine tuning that can be done to get exactly what you need. To start, the top Use —- Camera cycles between the two iPhone cameras.

The action of the TimeLapse ‘Start’ button is adjustable between a time delay from when the button is pushed or an actual time/date. The slight time delay is handy to give you time to get into the recording. And the time/date is nice to have the iPhone in a tripod wake up at sunrise and start recording even if you oversleep.

Stoping of the recording can be keyed off of three different keys. The top TimeLapse option, ‘After 30 Photos’ shown has an adjustable number through the dials at the bottom of the settings box. The three options are quantity of photos taken, after a particular time of the same day and a date/time in the future.

Photos can be stored to the iPhone’s Photo Library. Checking the top Store Photos option in TimeLapse will allow the lower items to be turned on/off as needed (photo size and GPS tagging).

Adding a audio track and adjusting the size of the actual output video can be preset. The frames per second is important so that the right messages is collected related to the action to be recorded. TimeLapse works equally well for fast moving short videos and the longer slow moving weather and building type of videos.

A few of the settings are available through the recording screen. Handy is the alignment grid and the ‘Start’ button to get the TimeLapse app started recording based on the above settings.