Awesome Note Shares… with just about everyone!

One of my biggest concern is creating things in a locked environment. Images, text docs or calendar events created in some apps are unable to be seen or used by other apps. Even with the new iOS4 that allows files to be passed from one app to another, there are still some limitations.

Awesome Note (todo) is going out of it’s way to make sure you can access your data from the many other systems you may be using. And, even with others that you may need to share with. Creating ToDo items, documents and even calendar items can be passed to other apps like Google Docs and Evernote. If you work with or have someone around your home that uses Awesome Note too, there is no need to go through a middle system, you can transfer items between the two iPhones right over a Bluetooth connection. Why don’t more app use the available Bluetooth to pass notes between i’devices?

If you have been following the new Evernote Trunk offerings, Awesome Note received some coverage there too about how you can sync directly between ‘Awesome’ and Evernote making your information available anywhere, anytime. A feature they don’t happen to mention is that normally Evernote keeps all of your notes online and in order for your iPhone Evernote app to keep info on it when offline, you have to have a Pro account. Now with Awesome Note in the loop, you can have access to your notes offline with just the expense of the one app.

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