I saw the video for this a few weeks ago and got excited. Finally, an AR app for the iPhone that isn’t tied to finding a local coffee shop or museum. An AR shoot’em up game!

Checking the iTunes app store from time to time, it was a great surprise after a long day at work to find the game available. A quick download and it’s been an evening of protecting the tower from all attackers!

The game, ARDefender, requires you print a PDF that has seven dots and a little tower. When you fire up the app and point at the paper the tower grows into a 3D tower and the little bad guys and their weapons start coming in. (The below is me getting in trouble)

When you zero the cross hairs onto the target, it goes green to red and you start firing away. Of course, the attackers get more aggressive as you move from one level to another. And, they get better weapons and armor too. Choose the weapon your using from the three options along the bottom of the screen.

The PDF you print for ARDefender can be tripped down to just the basic dots/tower so you can take it anywhere. Time permits, throw down the paper and get ready for the attackers to come out of the surounding areas. Moving your iPhone closer to the paper gives you more details.

If you own a iPad, you can load the PDF and never have to carry the paper version around!