There has been a iPhone stand design around for a while to make a couple cuts across a business card and two folds to make a little stand. It was is a great idea right up till I got on a plane with no scissors. Ripping a business card didn’t work well and left a lasting impression on those seated next to me.

Several folks in the office was taking a full piece of paper and folding to make a little stand that was actually rather robust. Due to the technology I carry, MBP and iPad, I don’t carry any paper so that is out too.

Finally, I came across this YouTube video that is all about folding something I always have with me, a dollar. For fun, the presentation is done with a 100 dollar bill, I have found a one dollar bill folds the same. Nothing special in the paper for a $100 over a $1. It took me a couple times through to memorize the steps but it is easy enough to do while in a narrow plane seat.