AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier Now Available for iPhone 4

There once was this little see through plastic thingy that I put my iPhone 3 into which through the science of expanding area made the volume out of the iPhone much louder. It was handy in the office for iPhone conference calls and when I didn’t want to hook up my headphones/external speaker. Drop in and go… but ‘no go’ for the iPhone 4 due to case shape and speaker location.

Happy news today when Griffin mentioned they had something I needed to spend my hard earned dollars on! An AirCurve that is specifically designed for the iPhone 4. It is interesting how with the iPhone 3, you sat the device in the acoustic amplifier like you would a dock. Now, the new model, you lay your iPhone 4 down into the device which allows you to view your iPhone screen in portrait or landscape views.

As a reminder, the AirCurve does not use any power so the ‘amplified’ sound is just that… louder. There is no trick electronic components that are altering the sound you hear to be different. The iPhone 3 version did sound a bit ‘fuller’. Now, with the iPhone 4, I can see FaceTime being used more around the office. If Griffin sells enough, think someone might create software that tunes the output (bass/treble) with the AirCurve in mind?

AirCurve Play Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone 4 at

Other images and the official release information:

10 dB louder.

AirCurve Play makes the speaker of your iPhone 10 decibels louder… no, really. And it works without batteries or cables or power adapters or incantations. Just slip your iPhone into AirCurve’s rubber dock gasket, and your iPhone 4 becomes the perfectly portable audio/video conference phone, and self-contained music player and video viewer.