There is a new project being talked about on the Internet: “Glif “- iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand. It is a injection molded plastic iPhone 4 holder that can be screwed onto a tripod. The mount holds the iPhone 4 in place without clamping, rather through a snug fit along two sides.

An side ‘feature’ of this mount is the little extra lip the team thought of which enables it to be used to hold your iPhone 4 when no tripod is available. Not for photographing, more for viewing of documents and movies.

You can hit their site to read up on their adventure to see an idea become a reality. An interesting angle on this is that they asked for development money at $20 per unit which they will ship when manufacturing is done… 4800 people stepped up so far.

This isn’t the only option available, Gary Fong produces a tripod mount as well that is more traditional. The mount snaps around the iPhone 4 at the top and bottom.

It is available through the Gary Fong’s photography accessory site. For those folks that don’t want to haul a true tripod around with them, Gary Fong also offers ‘the Cage‘ which is a frame to mount the iPhone tripod adapter to. The legs are a frame that you can fold close to protect the iPhone 4 or open and use as legs. Adjusting the legs out/in will adjust the hight a small amount of the iPhone.

Why do you ‘need’ your iPhone 4 mounted on a tripod? For me personally, it’s handy for those images that need to take a bit longer like night shots that always get a bit shaky. Longer movies that are more than just ‘fun with the family’ are better when you can get the iPhone held in a single spot for the whole shot. And, for the StopMotion movies we have fun with from time to time. I have mentioned StopMotion Recorder before, it can be fun for the whole family.