Do you have that one or two hot items you just have to remember today? 

Sure, you can add a calendar item and set an alarm, which is great for something that happens at a particular time of the day. 


Here is a fun trick I use that is a modern string on the finger.

  • Open your built in Notes application.
  • Create a new note.
  • Tap return a couple times to take you down to the middle of the note.
  • Type the item you ‘need’ to remember.
  • Now, take a screenshot of this note (see the “How to take a screenshot” posting here if you have not done this before).
  • You can return to the main Notes area to save the note or delete it – you wont need it after this point.
  • Tap the Home button to take you back to the Applications screen.
  • Select the Photos icon (with the Sunflower on it).
  • Find the screen shot image of the note you just wrote and select it to view it full screen.
  • Tap the button in the lower left corner, then choose ‘Wallpaper’. Then tap the ‘Done’ button.


Now, when you turn on your iPhone/Touch, the first screen you see before swiping the unlock slider is your note/reminder.


When you are done with that reminder, go back to your Photos area and select another image to be your Wallpaper.

If your completely done with that reminder, you can select the screenshot image in your Photos area and tap the Trash Can icon along the bottom of the screen to delete it… why not, you took the string off your finger.