The Facebook for iPhone app has been updated a few times in the near past. A major one recently to redo the UI to be more like how many other, read: Twitter, apps work on the iPhone. Being able to show on the left the areas you will want to have access to within your account and be able to swipe to hide the view.

The update today had a couple items updated and a major issue fixed, yea!

As you see from the release notes for the Facebook app, if your friends have turned on Timeline, you can see it now. Not a lot of the people I work with through Facebook have jumped into the Timeline profile view, but a few have and it looks nice on the iPhone. The view isn’t available on the iPad yet.

Also in the update is more info in that left side areas access view. Your friends and subscriptions are divided up better so it is easier to find what your looking for without drilling down a few layers. Not mentions in the Facebook ‘updated’ notes is that Notifications open in a pop up box after the updated is installed. This means that when you see what someone said that caused the notification, going back takes you to the previous screen rather than to the notifications list screen, then where you were prior to viewing the notification. So, everything is looking like better views and less steps to get where you want to be.

The BIG fix for me was the photograph handling! When someone comments on one of your photos, or you want to view a photo someone else posted… it works! Before, you would see a random previous image and there was a level of uncertainty that if you left a comment would it be assigned to the right photo. All of my tests today show that the fix in the free universal Facebook app for photos is working!