My niece is going to be so proud of me for that headline.

Earlier, the Hipstamatic developers released their Hipstamatic Disposable Camera, a app that you purchase film and share the photo taking experience with other users of the free app. This weekend is an update to their regular camera app, two bundles (Packs) with many lenses, flashes and film options.

The new Hipstamatic Camera packs are no light weight single lens/film bundles, instead they are a pretty good list of enhancements of your photo shooting fun. All available through in-app purchase –

RetroPak Two:

Big Up Film
James M Lens
Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash
Libatique 73 Lens
Lucas AB2 Lens
Matty ALN Lens
Rick BW-11 Film
Susie Lens
Watts Lens

RetroPak One:

DreamCanvas Film
Melodie Lens
Salvador 84 Lens
Tejas Lens