A different take on seeing what is around you

I have covered a few Augmented Reality apps here over the last year. Most have a large selection of add in items that you can choose from to appear on the screen as you look through your iPhone’s camera. Fun stuff, particularly in a new city, as long as you don’t mind folks staring at you.

Ubique is another addition to the group that has some interesting features to it. A few that, while simple, make it a ‘first grab’ in my selection of near me options.

Like the many other options, you can choose from a list of what will show up on the screen. Pictures, Wikipedia, Bars and Restaurants – all via a spinner at the bottom of the screen. A nice feature is the map at the bottom of the screen while still seeing what is in front of your and the highlighted spots. Tapping any ‘W’ box in the lower part causes it to expand upward.  You can zoom in and out of a spot by pinching/expanding with two fingers on the screen.

Tipping your iPhone up a bit towards the sky will cause the map to disappear.

Tapping the Wikipedia after you have it selected as the tool being used will result in a list of spots that where highlighted on the screen so you can drill down for more specificts.

Twisting the lower dial to Restaurants causes the icons on the screen to change as well so you can quickly know that type of location your looking at. With the lower map showing, you can see what is off screen to either side or behind you by spinning the map with one finger.

Ubique also offers full screen map view by tipping the iPhone down to face at the street. It is little common sense touches like this that makes it a solution to get used. Great if your downtown and getting a lot of attention of holding your phone up… just drop it down flat and still know where your going.

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