I covered an augmented reality app yesterday that found us coffee and interesting points about town. In that post, I mentioned that you can get a few folks looking at you if you walk down the street looking at your iPhone screen. Add to that, twisting around to see what is around you for optional restaurants, etc…

Today I will take that one step further. Imagine the looks you will get if you bouncing around looking at your iPhone held above your head. Well, fun games can drive you to doing weird things. In the case of Look-Up, you may not notice the stares as you take on the invading space ships above and around the buildings next to you.

The concept is near the same to looking through the iPhone, seeing what the camera can see with the additions of coffee shop location facts. Now though, when you look through your iPhone, you can see the space ships that you must shoot down. The only way others around you will know what they are missing is if they also have the iPhone Look-Up app installed and play a multi player game.

For those that don’t want to stand and twist around 360 degrees, the game offers a ‘sitting’ mode where your only worried about 180 degrees in front of you. Watch out though, those pesky space invaders can be right over you!