Using your iPhone to move pictures to Google+ from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Photobucket

So, your a HUGE fan of the new Google+, your like taking pictures and posting them up for folks to see, and most of your ‘greatest’ snaps are on other social networks. Why not just import all those photos onto Google+? For me… that would mean looking through tons and tons of iPhoto photos, hunting around folders across a desktop iMac… and there may be a few that went up on social sites and didn’t make it back to a desktop. Maybe the best answer is to just move the photos directly from those sites directly to Google+.

That is the answer the folks at Dropico Mobile came up with when they developed Google+ Photo Importer. The app on your iPhone allows you to move individual photos or full folders/albums of folders with a tap. The ‘other’ social sites they cover are Facebook, PhotoBucket, Flickr and Instagram! Along with the photos is their Meta info too.

The ‘trick’ of the Google+ Photo Importer app is that it doesn’t download the photos to your iPhone from one service to another. It moves the images directly from one Cloud Social service to Google+. This means it won’t impact your iPhone Data Plan.