Task Aware updated in time for Weekend ToDo List

Task Aware was updated Saturday night with a few ‘must haves’ for my weekend chores. Interesting isn’t it how some updates hit home with items you need and others you feel you can just pass on.

Reminder, Task Aware is the ToDo app that alerts you when you are near the location you said was important for that task. You can do all the usual ToDo list features of priorities, dates and flags… adding the feature of dropping a pin on where the task should take place. That would be things like Light Bulbs at HomeDepot or Coffee grounds at Starbucks.

The update:

-Draggable pins support (you can now fine tune your location pins)
-New notification radius option: Travelling by foot? — Smaller notification radius for locations travelled while walking
-New icons in the Map view (pictures are worth a thousand words)
-Tasks which are overdue and are grouped by due date now fall under tasks for ‘Today’

Being able to fine tune the pins and the difference in reminders for walking versus driving are big for me. I was walking around a mall several weeks ago and was reminded of the task at a store in the mall. Nice, but I was a long ways away still… close for a car driving but a lot of steps when walking. I will test today in that same mall.

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