Two points to think of when thinking about your iPhone: The button on the top of the iPhone / Touch is a ‘sleep’ button – turning the screen off to avoid accidental launching applications – it does not ‘lock’ the device. And, these are not just phones with call records and a few photos snapped here and there – you have applications and the possibility of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) that could ruin your life if it falls into the wrong hands.


No would ever pick up your iPhone and look through it. You would never accidentally leave your iPhone on the counter where others could innocently take a look through it. Your iPhone is ALWAYS in your pocket or purse… and, bad things only happen to other people. Don’t play the odds game, be proactive to protect yourself.


The ability to use a four digit code to unlock and use your iPhone is built in. Typing in a couple numbers when you turn on your iPhone every time will only seem to take longer the first couple times. Protect those spreadsheets, personal text messages, private phone numbers and game high scores (had to throw that in, you don’t want your coworkers clearing your high scores do you?!).