Two points to think of when thinking about your iPhone: The button on the top of the iPhone / Touch is a ‘sleep’ button – turning the screen off to avoid accidental launching applications – it does not ‘lock’ the device. And, these are not just phones with call records and a few photos snapped here and there – you have applications and the possibility of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) that could ruin your life if it falls into the wrong hands.


No would ever pick up your iPhone and look through it. You would never accidentally leave your iPhone on the counter where others could innocently take a look through it. Your iPhone is ALWAYS in your pocket or purse… and, bad things only happen to other people. Don’t play the odds game, be proactive to protect yourself.


The ability to use a four digit code to unlock and use your iPhone is built in. Typing in a couple numbers when you turn on your iPhone every time will only seem to take longer the first couple times. Protect those spreadsheets, personal text messages, private phone numbers and game high scores (had to throw that in, you don’t want your coworkers clearing your high scores do you?!).

Select the ‘Settings’ icon, then the ‘General’ area.

Circled in this image for your reference is: 

AutoLock – here is where you set how long from the last thing you do on your iPhone till it sleep/locks automatically

Passcode Lock – where you will go now to set up the… well, passcode locking.

Select the Passcode Lock option…

The system will ask you for a passcode – this will be both the one for turning your iPhone on and for getting into this settings (Passcode features, not the General Settings area) area later. This can be changed later.

When selecting a passcode, remember you have letters on the number keys too. If it is easier to remember four letters, do that instead of numbers. The actual keys don’t change, it is just how your memory works. Choose a passcode you can remember… there is NOT a ’email me my forgotten password’ option like we are used to seeing on Web sites these days.

After entering you new passcode you will be taken to the Passcode Lock Settings area. 

Choose from the list will allow you to fine tune as you need/want.

Turn Passcode Off – select to stop using the password feature

Change Passcode – choose to remove the current and enter a new passcode

Require Passcode – time between when you sleep your iPhone and when a passcode will be required to regain access. This is showing ‘Immediately’ now so that anytime the iPhone is woken up it needs a passcode put in. It is possible to set it to a minute or more if you find yourself having to turn your iPhone on/off rapidly as you enter info, sleep, then need to wake up right away to enter more info. Don’t put this number too high as your iPhone isn’t protected during the time it is waiting to ‘need’ a passcode to use.

Show SMS Preview – if you have a incoming SMS message and the iPhone is locked – do you want it want to pop up on the screen or not. If no, then when your iPhone is locked, SMS messages wont show till you unlock the device. If yes, then even though locked, anyone looking at your iPhone will see SMS messages coming in.

Erase Data – Off does nothing, On is best protection if your traveling and sync often. With this to ‘On’, if you loose your iPhone, the person who finds your iPhone will have ten tries to crack your code then the system will erase everything. When the phone is returned to you, just sync and all of your data is back on your iPhone.

Tap the ‘General’ button at the upper left corner of the screen when your satisfied with your set up.