If you ever have a concern about dropping your iPhone 4… say, down three flights of stairs, I have the case for you! It took me eight tries, but I finally managed to ‘drop’ my iPhone in a way to get it to go down a set or stairs, bounce off the corner and down the next set. I wasn’t worried about the iPhone, just didn’t want to dent the walls.

The case is the new ‘Survivor’ from Griffin. If you remember the video I posted a while back, they really put it through the tests to show that a drop from your hand shouldn’t concern you anymore. The case carries a military grade rating against getting bumped around and for dust.

The Griffin Survivor case includes a snap-on clip. The clip size is right to go over a belt. Since the case facing side clip snaps around the outer edge of the upper/lower edge of the case, you can remove the case from the clip without removing the clip from your belt.

Inside of the soft rubber outer is a hard plastic inner case. The inner case holds the iPhone4 firmly and ‘floats’ inside of the outer case. The soft rubber of the Griffin Survivor is soft and actually a bit slick feeling in my hands. The look of it appears it would be more porous feeling. Due to the perfectly placed cut outs along the edges of the case it is easy to hold without fear of dropping your iPhone. That said, it might be the fact that the case offers so much protection for the iPhone4 is the real secure feeling you get holding it.

The inner hard plastic part of the Survivor case splits open to sit the iPhone4 inside, then snap back together. For buttons/switches there are raised tunnels to protect those items. These raised area will get covered later with rubber flaps in the outer rubber case.

The outer rubber doesn’t ‘open’, you tip the hard plastic shrouded iPhone4 in and roll the rubber over the edges. In the picture above, you can see the little hard plastic tabs that lock into the outer rubber so it doesn’t move around.

Included in the Survivor case is a see through plastic cover for the screen that is locked into the hard plastic ‘inner’ case. This covers the screen, front camera and ear speaker.