There are a few photo social systems that require your uploaded iPhone photos be square. It can be challenging to get the story told you wanted to when you have to crop parts off of your image to make it fit.

What if you could fill in the area around an image with whatever color you wanted so a wide or tall image would be square where it’s needed? Well, that is what the free app Squaready does on your iPhone.

OK… not a great example, but you can get the idea. You bring in a picture you have in your iPhone Photo Library. The buttons along the bottom of the Squaready (above the in-app ads) going from left to right is:

  • Choose a background color
  • Auto adjust the image to full screen
  • Auto Adjust to put the tallest/widest part of the image all the way to the edge
  • Center so that the background can be seen all of the way around the image
  • Rotate

The color picker is very extensive with all Web allowed colors. It is nice that Squaready shows the color background in real time making it easier to see the color impact.