As you most likely have heard, Apple is moving everything off to the ‘cloud’. You wont have a single desktop that your trying to sync everything through, instead they will manage your files for you and keep all of your devices in sync. This is music, apps and documents too. I have already gotten the email about my MobileMe acct going to a iCloud acct later this year. As things hit, I’ll cover the experience.

First out appears to the rethink on the ‘App Store’ on the iPhone (no difference yet on my iPad). When you get an alert that you need to update an app, the first window has the usual download each or all options. As well, there is now a’Purchased’ option at the top.

Downloading apps is the same as it was previously. Watch for a new feature in the near future where you only have to download the updated part of apps instead of the current method of downloading the whole application with each update. Happy days for apps like Navigonn that is over a gig in size!!

The first tab is ‘All’. Which presents you with a list of all of the apps you currently have installed on your iPhone. And, it shows apps you have installed on your other iOS devices that you could download/install with a click of their ‘cloud’ icon.

The next tab option is “Not On This iPhone”. This is all those apps that you bought and do not have currently loaded on your iPhone. Sweeping through it is so much easier than the list on the desktop iTunes, which only works when you have your iPhone connected for sync.

On the list of updates today was ‘Magic Hour‘, which now supports High Resolution photo outputs. Custom crop and flip is new too… more iPhone photo tuning.