Regular follows know that I am a fan of taking pictures with my iPhone for both work and pleasure. Work images can be a snap shot of a whiteboard full of information to use later, a screen shot of information on the iPhone, or pictures of an event that shows work in progress or the atmosphere. Please images are exactly what you expect, pictures of my lovely wife or of our energetic Bichon, Luna.

Several posts ago, I covered a couple applications I have been using to send images with frames and/or text via email. For more than a week, I have pulled both in favor of Lifecards. An app that enables multiple images to be placed together, text added, resulting in a single document I can send.

Lifecards includes a large collection of templates (350!) in 20 categories. Each category is a group of templates around a particular theme. Templates have spaces for a variety of picture quantities from 1 to 4 and text boxes. If you change your mind about a template you chose you can change to another without having to reassign images. Images can be resized and twisted with tools that work the way you would think they should. Text editing is done through the usual iPhone / Touch text screen, with the added feature to change the font, text size and colors. Lifecards works equally well in portrait or landscape views:

If you need to stop working, closing the application saves your project to finish later. When done, the template, images and text is wrapped up into a single image which is saved to the built in Photos -> Photo Albums.

Here is one image I put together in just over a minute to send out to our team about a problem with desktop images that were effecting our presentations:

I have a client that is a couple states away. I am unable to show him in person why it is important to plan for mobile devices visiting his site. This quick image took a minute to create and send all off my iPhone:

It isn’t all about work. I put this image together using pictures I took over the last couple weeks to send to our family in the Pacific NW. You know they printed and put it on the fridge.

Here is a couple screenshots of the many categories of templates included:

And finally… no, this isn’t a card I sent, just having fun. You do know we are all Newton fans here.

This is one of the Postcard templates available that is fun and is great for sending friends when traveling:

Updates today just released: Many new templates, Ability to post directly to Facebook, Image filters and Text sizing improvements.