Many picture I have taken have showed up in Apple Photo Albums I have created with iPhone. Just sync the iPhone and start adding the images to pages. The nice books show up a few days after you upload and pay.

iPhone photo books produced by other folks have started to show up to buy. If you hang out much at Instagram, you may have noticed some folks tags their photos with #iphoneography. Using that as a segue, there is a new printed book called ‘The Art of¬†iPhoneography‘. It is actually more than a book of photos taken with the iPhone, it contains shooting tips and using apps to fine tune you photos.

¬†There are also books/magazines that are iPhone photos without the tips, like the Visual Musings over on MagCloud (warning: this print magazine is not “work safe”).

A couple options I have been playing with to print my iPhone photos are Blurb and Keepsy. I’ll cover both of those shortly in another post to avoid this going long.