One tap photo enhancing on the iPhone

I have been planning out a post on the many apps avail now that offer a ton of image tuning options for the iPhone. They offer filters, frames and coloring. Generally, these applications apply the filter to the full image rather than the specialized apps that let you tune a particular area.

One of those apps that offer a long list of filters is Camera+. It is being mentioned here today because of their latest update that includes ‘Clarity’.

I wont get into the science behind what Camera+ is doing to the photo to enhance it from the snapshot you took. Seeing is believing… starting with a image I took on Lake Como:

From inside of Camera+, you can choose to take a new photo or one from your Photos area. Right off, there is a new option ‘Clarity’.

Tap Clarity and seconds later you have the updated photo. You will notice the rocks pop more, the shadowed area are less dark and the background buildings are sharper.

Here is the larger view of the image saved from Camera+ (the image could have also been shared out through Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or via email) to the Photo area of your iPhone. I didn’t put the photos next to each other as a before and after. The new images isn’t always better, but it will always be different. It’s a great feature to throw at every photo to see if you like the result better. Camera+ doesn’t alter the original image so your not stuck with any changes you make if it isn’t what you expected.

A feature a co-worker brought up that I agree would be great. Image if you could apply the effect to the image and then swipe over the area you want to undo. In the image above I would undo the water to make it closer to what I would ultimately show others.

Buzzing around Camera+, all of the great set of image filters and adjustment features are available beyond the new Clarify.

Below is that same image, after Clarify and ‘more’ enhancements. Yea, I spend a lot time when waiting for meetings to start toying around with the long list of tuning options in Camera+.