There has long been alcoholic beverage mixing apps for the iPhone. There are even a couple options to help pull the perfect espresso shot. This weekend I found a fun free app for the iPhone called Coffee Taste. It is truly for those that like the taste of coffee in their beverages. Those ‘beverages’ are not limited to a couple ways to mix milk and espresso, instead the app provides instructions for making 50 different drinks that happen to have coffee in them. These are all of those drinks you hear being ordered at restaurants that don’t serve drip coffee.

Besides being fun to play at home with coffee, why would you want to know how to make a coffee drink that you may never order? Actually, many of them carry names that have nothing to do with what is actually in the drink. Now with Coffee Taste’s help, when someone at the table orders a creatively named coffee drink, I know what I’m getting into.

Most of the drinks Coffee Taste don’t even have unusual ingredients so I can experiment a bit at home. The next time, when someone orders a Viennese Coffee, I know that it has heavy and light cream as well chocolate, I can tell the waiter to go ahead and cut the chocolate in mine down a bit… because I have a clue now what is actually in that fun cup o’coffee.

If you have a hard time remember which drinks you like and don’t like, Coffee Taste lets you star the ones you like for quick reference later at the restaurant.