Is It Still Texting If You Don’t Type?

No matter how cool the solution or ways to get around typing, driving and updating social media posts are best not done at the same time. End of public service announcement…

This is a bit of fun I use when buzzing about the streets at lunch time and I want to post a fun bit I saw on Twitter or Facebook. Instead of heads down with my nose in the iPhone and possibly a sign post in my forehead, I just speak what I want to submit.

Dragon Dictation is a free app (for now) that will take your spoken words and return text. The editing tool is as simple as tapping what it wrong and it will guess what you may have said. It is smart enough to know certain words wrong might mean it has the next few words wrong too to make a complete sentence.

Tapping the iPhone screen not near the text will get you the usual Select, Select All options – Select All, then tap the copy option. I’m sure you have it from here.

Go to the Social Media app, tap the text entry box and choose to Paste. Dragon Dictation does a pretty good job, I generally speak a bit slower than normal and it gets near 100% correct. Several folks in the office use this to do post up content to their Blog via the WordPress app.

Twittelator is the Twitter app use for these faster posts since adding new is avail right from the opening screen – with a word counter so I know if I babbled too much.

Now, if some creative developer could take the iPad’s iBooks ability to read a book and have your Twitter feed read to you it would cut out just about all of the screen reading. It would be like having a book read to you on the way to work. The latest news from around the world… as they say the only thing that moves faster than an earthquake is the twitter news about it.

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